Service Bus at Ignite 2016!

We had an awesome time at Ignite 2016 last week in Atlanta and hope you did too! For those of you who weren't able to make it, below is the short and sweet version. Slides from both presentations: Ignite 2016 - Services Update     Ignite 2016 - Real World Messaging

We had two different presentations while we were there. Our service update focused on a few announcements we have had over the past months that we think you'll be pretty excited about:

  1. A Service Bus presence in the new Azure Portal
  2. Availability of ARM templates
  3. Swagger templates for our management service
  4. Premium messaging

But if that's not enough to get excited about we also have some goodies planned for early next year:

  1. .NET Standard based library
  2. A first class Java library based on AMQP

Our second presentation was a Customer use case deep dive by TransAlta - a huge shoutout goes out to Kent Weare of TransAlta for coming to present on how they use Azure and Service Bus to manage a global energy operation. Click here for the full recording.

Finally, we are splitting Namespaces. Going forward, Namespaces can only host a single type of entity (i.e. Queues & Topics, Event Hubs, or Relay). This will make it easier to use the services and scale efficiently. Don't worry your existing use cases will be safe - we are auto-migrating this fall.

Azure messaging is handling 440 billion message operations and 28 PB per month at a 99.9976% success rate.

Happy messaging!