Updated Service Bus and EventProcessorHost Assemblies Released

The Service Bus team has updated the Service Bus client assembly for .NET as well as the EventProcessorHost assembly for Event Hubs. 


This assembly is the intelligent consumer agent for Event Hubs and greatly simplifies the process of creating streaming applications with Event Hubs.  If you're writing code this is the most common way to consume events from Event Hubs. 

Added the following improvements to EventProcessorHost:

- Added option to
call ProcessEventsAsync when there are no events to be processed.  Used with Timeout it is now possible to force
a method invocation.

- Fixed a potential
condition where ProcessEventsAsync throwing LeaseLostException might shut down
the message pump.

- Fixed a problem
with updating latest sequence number to the local blob store.

- Fixed a problem
with lease update not using a clone of the lease instance


Microsoft Azure Service Bus 2.5.2

Event Hub / Messaging: fixes a bug in NamespaceManager.Get* calls where a description with large metadata sizes will cause serialization error