Announcement Modern Application Deployment Day in March next year

Hi there,

Some of you might know that we have a long  history of meeting with the Community -  we hold some App-V Days in Germany and a few outside of Germany. As things evolve over time so the App-V Day is now ready for the next level.

So I am glad and exited to announce that we will holding an Modern Application Deployment Day in Hamburg. The date is March the 15th. We have some good Sponsors with us and we have now set the Registration Page online.

Just to let you know and set right expectations - we decided that the spoken language for this Event is German. If you are interested to run a similar event in English and maybe closer to your location let me know.

Here is the Link to the Registration Form:


Thank you and I hope to see you there

Warm Greetings

Sebastian - Escalation Engineer App-V and MSIX