Drew Harris on SPW search

Searching in SharePoint Workspace

SharePoint Workspace 2010 brings your workspace data closer to you than ever before with Windows search integration. In this post I’ll go over what you can expect from search in SharePoint Workspace 2010.


All 2010 workspaces use Windows search exclusively. You will see consistent results whether you search for documents across your entire computer, or just SharePoint Workspace. To search only SharePoint Workspace data, click the ‘Search’ button in the ribbon and then enter your search criteria in the search box.


And, if you search your entire computer, SharePoint Workspace results will be categorized just like other programs.


Search will only work for documents you have downloaded to your computer. Security-conscious administrators can disable the feature.

SharePoint Workspace Windows search integration is yet another way we are helping make your data more accessible anytime, anywhere. Take a look at the table below for a detailed list of all the searchable content in SharePoint Workspace 2010.

SharePoint Workspace item

Searchable data

SharePoint Workspaces

Workspace properties, list and library client properties, list and library content, list item attachments

Groove Workspaces

Workspace properties, chat transcript, documents embedded in chat transcript

Documents Tool

Tool properties, document properties, document content

Discussion Tool

Tool properties, topics and replies

Calendar Tool

Tool properties, calendar item (meetings, agendas, notes, summaries) properties, calendar item content, agenda item attachments

Lists Tool

Tool properties, list item properties, list item content

Notepad Tool

Tool properties, note content, documents embedded in note

All other tools added to Groove Workspaces (Pictures, Sketchpad)

Tool properties only



Member Messages

Message content, message attachments, documents embedded in message, message properties

Note:  search is not supported in legacy workspaces.