Synchronizing calculated fields in a SharePoint workspace

A SharePoint list may undergo design changes over time as an organization identifies new requirements. For example, a form design might be updated with new fields. In particular, calculated fields will not synchronize with the SharePoint server if they are added to the list design in SharePoint after the list has already been downloaded and synchronized in a SharePoint workspace.

Though inefficient, you can synchronize the data for calculated fields by opening and editing each item in the list. Whenever you save an edited item, the item is synchronized with the server. You might do this if, at the present time, you only care about the content of a few specific items. However, if you want to synchronize all items, editing each item one by one is impractical. In this case, it’s most efficient to disconnect the list from the server and then reconnect to it.

1. Select the list that has the unsynchronized fields.

2. On the Sync tab, click Change Sync Settings, and then click Disconnect from Server.

3. Click Yes at the prompt to confirm this action.
The list appears under Available on Server in the Content pane, all items are removed, and you see options to Open the list in a Browser or Connect to Server.

4. Click Connect to Server to start downloading the list once again to the SharePoint workspace.

Joe Levine