Workflows with SharePoint Workspace

If you have a Windows Workflow Foundation workflow running on your SharePoint site, you can use SharePoint Workspace to take it offline and continue doing work.

Every time you sync with the SharePoint server, your actions will correctly trigger any workflows which are idle and listening to activity. That way you don’t have to worry about explicitly conveying the information to the SharePoint server.

As a system administrator, you can create complex workflows on the SharePoint server using SharePoint Designer, publish them on the SharePoint site, and not worry at all when users take them offline with SharePoint Workspace. They will be idle until the users get online once again and they have performed some actions related to the workflow.

Say for example that a workflow includes an expense report approval followed by a confirmation email.  If you’re on a plane and offline, you can approve the expense report, and when you get back online, the email will be sent as expected.

Anand Kulkarni, Program Manager