Manually Register Service Connection Point for RMS

There are times when deploying ADRMS that your install account may not have the appropriate permissions within the domain to create a SCP (Service Connection Point), or during installation your URL is not ready yet.

Microsoft makes available a RMS Administration Tool Kit (download link at end of post).  The current version is SP2.  This toolkit is essential for troubleshooting and helping you while deploying. Within the toolkit is a utility for registering / unregistering a SCP in your domain.  Make sure the account you are using to run the utility has appropriate permissions to create the SCP (Enterprise administrator, or permission to create a container object underneath the Services container)

To register a SCP, run the utility via command prompt with the paramaters:

registerscp {URLTOREGISTER}


To unregister a  SCP, run the utility via command prompt with just the command:



After running the utility, you can verify that the SCP was created by looking in Active Directory Sites and Services.

You can download the RMS Administration Toolkit here: