SharePoint Comic – SharePoint Brand Name


Last November I wrote a post about SharePoint, the evolution of it’s names, and the historical path of its technology.  You can view it here: SharePoint - a product of many names

To quote the article: “I just hope that the next version will retain the name, with only an update to the year or version number.”

Looks like I didn’t get my wish.  :)   The next version of SharePoint will be:
Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010.   They are dropping ‘Office’ from the name. It makes sense to me, and I hope it doesn’t confuse some folks out there (more than they already were).  Hopefully this will end all of the acronyms (MOSS was never an actual name), and we can just call it SharePoint Server.  If you need clarification on version, you just ask what year.   

You can read the full announcement here:


(ps: sharepoint comic girl – shout out to those on twitter)