Continuous Integration for SharePoint 2010 (Mike Morton)

This is the initial post in a multi-part series that will cover implementing Continuous Integration for SharePoint 2010 using Visual Studio 2010 and Team Foundation Server (TFS) 2010. The series will cover in detail how to set up TFS, configure the build process, deploy the solution packages (.wsp), run tests as part of an automated build, and more.

This series is a team effort - Chris O’Brien, Kirk Evans, Saaid Khan, and I will all be involved in bringing you a set of step-by-step, in-depth articles to help you make continuous integration a part of your SharePoint development strategy.

The current plan for the series (which could change as the content is created) is as follows:

  1. Continuous Integration - Why do it?
  2. TFS 2010 Team Build installation and configuration
  3. Creating your first TFS Build Process for SharePoint projects
  4. Implementing assembly versioning
  5. Using PowerShell to deploy the WSP
  6. Running tests as part of a build
  7. Integrating additional tools in the build (code profiling, code analysis, SPDisposeCheck, etc.)

Back in June, Chris posted the first part of the series which provided information about the benefits of doing continuous integration and an overview of what we plan to cover. Take a look at that post and see the exciting stuff we plan to bring you over the next few months. We plan to put out a new article in the series every two weeks, so come back soon to see Part 2.

Mike Morton - Senior Program Manager – Microsoft - Visual Studio – SharePoint Developer Tools