Project Server 2010: Cannot create new issues or risks

Problem: The first problem was that I am not very familiar with Project Server. Even though SharePoint is required for Project Server, they are different products. After migrating some Project Server 2007 sites to Project Server 2010 a few site collections had a problem in which when users would attempt to create a risk from the Risk list and it would error out with our dreaded correlation ID error. This is what I saw in the logs: “Document Management 52od Medium MetadataNavigationContext Page_InitComplete: No XsltListViewWebPart was found on this page[/”

I also saw lots of references to a non-existent web application. The web application being referenced was part of the former Project Server 2007 farm. After a lot of dead-end troubleshooting I looped in my Project Server colleague Brooks White and he cracked this nut.


“Apparently, project sites exported from Project Server 2007 and imported into Project Server 2010 can exhibit this behavior (where you can’t create new Issues or Risks and can’t properties on documents) when they do not have an associated project under Server Settings > Project Sites. This project site had no associated plan.”

  • imported site using stsadm import command, with new name
  • created association of the new site using same new name as above

For more good reading and tips on Project Server, check out my colleague Brooks Whites blog:

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