Original Run Vs Resubmitted Run in Logic apps

In Logic app, you would often come across a scenario to differentiate between the original run and if the run is resubmitted via the Logic app portal(or Rest API)

the Resubmitted Runs reuse Client Tracking ID of the Original Run, so they can be correlated. So

IF RUNID= ClientTrackingID THEN Original RUN

IF RUNID ≠ ClientTrackingID THEN Resubmitted RUN.

  1. To differentiate in Portal



2. To Differenciate at Runtime

You can get the ClientTrackingID using "@trigger().clientTrackingId" function and RunId using "@workflow().run.name" function

"RUNID": {"inputs": "@workflow().run.name"

                            "ClientTrackingID": {"inputs": "@trigger().clientTrackingId",

                    ORIGINAL RUN


                    RESUBMITTED RUN