Testing for New Japanese Era

Some time ago I mentioned that there's a registry key that has values admins can edit if they want to modify the Japanese Era data for the system.  With the news that Emperor Akihito will be abdicating next year, people may want to check if their software works with an additional Era.

Since a name of the new era hasn't been announced yet, I've been using a placeholder for testing.  If you'd like to check out how your Windows system and software will behave with the additional Japanese calendar Era, you can add an entry for 2019 05 01 to the registry, something like this:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

"1868 01 01"="明治_明_Meiji_M"
"1912 07 30"="大正_大_Taisho_T"
"1926 12 25"="昭和_昭_Showa_S"
"1989 01 08"="平成_平_Heisei_H"
"2019 05 01"="??_?_??????_?"