Enterprise Smart Card Deployment in the Microsoft® Windows® Smart Card Framework

Here is a link to the white paper titled "Enterprise Smart Card Deployment in the Microsoft® Windows® Smart Card Framework" - http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=fa7ec97c-11be-4e53-a0c4-04719b6a7ab6&DisplayLang=en

This document is meant to help information technology professionals understand the smart card features enabled by the new smart card architecture, and help those planning smart card deployments to make informed decisions.


This document provides information on the value that Microsoft Base Smart Card Cryptographic Service Provider and Microsoft Smart Card Key Storage Provider infrastructure can bring to enterprise smart card deployment. Information is organized into the following sections.

Introduction – Describes the scope and audience.

Architecture Overview – Provides a basic overview of the new smart card architecture in Windows.

Features – Describes features that the new smart card architecture enables in Windows.

Deployment Considerations – Identifies some issues to consider and useful questions to ponder during the planning phase of a deployment.

Troubleshooting – Provides a short list of tools and identifies areas to check when troubleshooting smart card scenarios in your deployment.