My new job

I’ve recently switched from a Feature PM (a Program Manager responsible for a set of technical features in WCF) to a Community PM role where I’m more focused on showing the world what we’ve built in the last 6 years, talking to customers about their scenarios and problems, bringing customer feedback to the product, and generally bringing happiness to the world. The cool thing is that I get to do all this as part of the core product team.


I am working on this in tandem with my good friend Clemens Vasters (a recent addition to our team), which makes the deal even sweeter. The way we split the work is that Clemens is more focused on the “breadth” community (the general audience) and I’m more focused on the “depth” community (managed customers, etc.), though you will see me out there in the world as often as possible and you’ll see Clemens talking to “depth” customers. How do we keep it in sync? That’s our secret :-)