Recording of Webinar 'Prism and WCF RIA Services' by Brian Noyes

Watch a recording of the webinar 'Prism and WCF RIA Services - Two Great Toolkits That Work Great Together' delivered by Silverlight MVP Brian Noyes on May 30th, 2012.

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Webinar summary: In this webinar Silverlight MVP Brian Noyes will give a quick overview of what Prism is and what its feature set includes. He'll do a very quick review of what WCF RIA Services does,and will focus on how you can build a Silverlight Prism application and factor your functionality into modules while still making the RIA Services functionality available in multiple modules. Attendees will find out how to leverage the Repository pattern to pull all the RIA Services client side code into one place, expose the data from a Repository service that you can then pull into any scope in the application that wants to consume it.
As usual, we had a free ebook giveaway for the attendees and tweeters of this webinar: