Silverlight 5 RC has released!

The SL5 RC has released and you can now download the tools here.

This is an exciting release and brings many new features to Silverlight. Following are just a few of the new features. You can check out more details in the What's New for Silverlight 5 topic on MSDN.

  • PivotViewer control, which adds support for dynamic client-based collections, XAML-based visuals, and
  • Data binding improvements such as a DataContextChanged event and PropertyChanged added to the UpdateSourceTrigger enumeration
  • 3D: Improvements to the 3D support added in SL5 beta. This includes XNA built-in effects, surface composition settings for depth and stencil buffers and mult-sample anti-aliasing
  • File access: OpenFileDialog offers a DefaultDirectory property and SaveFileDialog offers a DefaultFileName property
  • Printing: SL5 now supports vector printing in addition to the bitmap printing offered in SL4.
  • Remote control event support added with the MediaCommand event on UIElement.
  • Application restricted media: Enables content providers to ensure DRM'd content is only consumed by SL applications they authorize. More about this feature in an upcoming blog post.
  • Support for OpenType and pixel-snapped text.

The docs are updated with Silverlight 5 RC content, and you can get the chm here.