Free paper: Skill leveling players of your game

How do you set your skill levels of players of your game?  Now normally you would just use the actual score and let it go at that.  But that is sort of a common way to do it.  What if you stepped up your game (no pun intended) and instead used a Bayesian skill rating system?  Of course you want to avoid the dumbness of the BCS in the United States Rating for College Football (not Fotbol or Soceer as it is called in the US, but hey we still use the Foot/Pound system).

In the case of using a skill leveling system, you have a reason to use the tool found elsewhere in the Microsoft Research site.  Think about a game like chess, chess has three outcomes: Win, Lose or Draw, no actual score.

So check out the paper here, ignore the math and read the words if you aren’t comfortable with math equations, they are explained, and in reality are pretty simple to implement in software.