Game Design: Database using LightSwitch

One of the problems with working  with free tools is that they are limited, unless you know how to add all of the extra tools that are useful.  And that can be said about Visual studio as well, but the integration with LightSwitch, XAML and C++ really makes it interesting to use for game design.

Getting started with LightSwitch is easy and cool, get started at:

Get Visual Studio 12 RC here: (This includes LightSwitch under other project types)

LightSwitch Tutorial (really easy and works as of 7/18/2012):

And yes I changed my mind about what to use in my C++/HTML5/JavaScript multiplayer game. 

Frankly I am thinking about digging into Allegiance and add the capability to use Windows Phone 8 somehow.  But then I may just give up and go surfing.

Oh one more thing, I still haven’t gotten any feedback from the Presidential Candidates, President Obama and Mitt Romney, about the Kinect based Presidential Debate using Fun Labs.  Sad that both of the candidates are hiding behind their representatives.



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