HTML 5 Game Design: EaselJS, SpriteAnimation made easy

Sometimes I wish I wasn’t so lazy, but then how can you be a true surfer and work hard at work?  Good thing my boss never reads my blogs, reviews are always a hard time for surf bums as you have to do something every once in awhile.  But I know that you aren’t lazy, you are burning with the desire to build fun games and make money.  As the saying goes: “Work is for people who can’t surf” Although sometimes surf is switched with fishing, but I do both, fish and surf, but not at the same time.  Well I used to both, but I am starting to have problems with one of my knees, making getting up on the board difficult, but I have always like body surfing and live by one of the best spots in California for body surfing (but I am not saying where it is at).  So I guess fishing is the thing.  What ever.

As a surf bum/Fisherguy though, I am pretty happy with my lot in life, so I really want you to make money.  And I don’t even want you to be locked into any particular technology, except for the most successful one.  When you find that one, let me know.  I am sticking with Microsoft technology, good for hard working people and surf bums like me.

Saying that, I am warming up to the HTML 5 situation, which is easy to build using Blend on Windows 8!  But I need tools, and I am willing to share improvements with a fun community.  For instance there is EaselJS for example, and this community looks like it works really hard and has fun. 

For instance, unlike the XNA community which never had a good story around sprite sheets, EaselJS has a great Demo that shows you how to work with spritesheets.  Now that has always been a problem for the XNA beginner, with HTML5 the problem is solved.

So check out this link:

I might have to actually do some work and build something in HTML 5 and Javascript.  Or C++.  Sort of the opposites in ease of use.  Sort of.

Be cool.