Kinect and Sharepoint? Serious use of Kinect, again not a game.

Oh boy, here is a very serious use of Sharepoint and Speech Services to read-out files.  Check it out, especially if you are a student looking for a cool, but serious, senior project.  There is no download just source code and likely a developer that would like some help.

This would be an awesome use of Kinect in the medical field.  I have a neighbor that is a Proctologists (Or whatever the current nice name for the profession) and you really don’t want to know what they have to do to see images during procedures and keep things sterile.  Really, don’t ask.  I did.  And I have to get these procedures every 10 years now.  Not looking forward to the next one. 

Now if you built a Kinect system that worked with sharepoint you could easily sell it to medical system designers.

Think about it:

  • Use Kinect based gestures to move the Proctology table up and down? Yes, no touch, improve sterile conditions, eliminate the usual foot system and doctor fatigue.
  • Use Kinect for examination equipment? Maybe not, in this case the doctor likely desires direct feedback to stay connected with the patient (so to speak).
  • Use Kinect to operate imaging equipment? Yes, improve efficiency and cleanliness

Or not.

What about other medical disciplines?  Yes, charting, etc.

So take a look at: Kinect Explorer For SharePoint 2010