Project Silk: Patterns and Practices do Rich Web Apps

My blog has been quiet of late – because our team is busy I think. We’re recruiting by the way Smile

Something I’ve been wanting to blog about for a while now is “Project Silk”. This is Patterns & Practices latest round of web development guidance. Karl Shifflett  is the man at the wheel, so be sure to check out his blog. Silk is all about getting the structure of both server-side and script code right, and building truly outstanding interactive user interfaces with the latest and greatest tools on the Microsoft platform. That means they’re using MVC 3 and jQuery to create an appealing and enjoyable experience when using the fully complete Reference Implementation they’ve built… I think it looks great.

I hope to blog more on some of the detail of what they’ve been working on soon, but don’t wait for me – go check it out on codeplex here; Project Silk

Much of the work has gone into building jQuery UI “widgets”, and the guidance includes lessons they’ve learned from strapping all this together. The documentation is currently being reviewed so if you fancy having a read of the drafts that have been published head over to codeplex.