One love for OneNote

I was just catching up on my feeds when I spotted this on lifehacker they’ve run a Hive Fiver poll to find out what tools people use to manage their life and personal projects and OneNote along with Evernote and plain text ala Notepad have come out on top.  What a great result, OneNote is an unsung hero of Office but it’s getting more praise day by day as people discover its usefulness.  It’s even in our most basic SKUs now so home users get the benefits.

A couple of super cool features of OneNote 2010 that you might not realise are super cool till you try them:

OneNote can sync notebooks to Office Web Apps and that does two very cool things for you.  The first is that you can access that notebook anywhere, any time in the browser.  Cool sync feature number two is that if you’re using multiple PCs, like I do every day, then that notebook will stay in sync across multiple PCs.  Synctastic!

OneNote can create outlook tasks so when you take notes in a meeting they can instantly become part of your task management system.  A powerful use of this is when someone sends you an email with lots of tasks in it, copy and paste it to OneNote covert them to tasks.  Deleting the task in OneNote leaves that task in your Outlook.