HIS 2009 Documentation fails to get installed

You may find some cases where the HIS 2009 Documentation fails to get installed even though you selected the “Documentation” component during the setup process.

This can occur when “Microsoft Document Explorer 2005” is not installed on the system. The HIS 2009 setup module that that is used to install the documentation is looking to see if "Microsoft Document Explorer 2005" is installed. If it is not, then the link (shortcut) to the documentation does not get created in the Start Menu under Microsoft Host Integration Server 2009. This occurs even though HIS 2009 includes (and installs if it is not installed) “Microsoft Document Explorer 2008”.

Previous versions of Host Integration Server (as well as other products) used "Microsoft Document Explorer 2005". The problem is that the Documentation setup module was not updated to look for “Microsoft Document Explorer 2008”. If "Microsoft Document Explorer 2005" happens to be installed on the system, the link to the Documentation will be successfully added to the Start Menu.

You can do the following to get the Documentation shortcut added to the Start Menu under Microsoft Host Integration  2009:

1. Check to see if  Microsoft Document Explorer 2008 is installed. You can check this by going into Programs and Features (or Add or Remove Programs depending on the OS version being used) under Control Panel to see if it is listed as an installed program. You could also check to see if the following folder exists as this is where Microsoft Document Explorer 2008 is installed:

C:\Program Files\Common Files\microsoft shared\Help 9

2. If Microsoft Document Explorer 2008 is not installed, you can install it by locating the HIS 2009 install media and running dexplore.exe under the Platform folder.

3. Navigate to the HIS 2009 Start Menu options which is located in the following  folder:

C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Microsoft Host Integration Server 2009

4. Create a Shortcut in this folder. The default title for the Shortcut (when setup creates it) is Documentation. The Target for the Shortcut is as follows:

"C:\Program Files\Common Files\microsoft shared\Help 9\dexplore.exe" /helpcol ms-help://MS.HIS.2006

In the Create Shortcut wizard, you can enter the path above in the Location field and then enter a Title on the next panel.

Note: The user creating the Shortcut in the HIS 2009 Start Menu folder will need to have sufficient rights to create the shortcut. If the user doesn’t, the option to create a Shortcut will not be available.

After the Shortcut is created, you will be able to open the HIS 2009 documentation.