Host Integration Server 2010 available on October 1, 2010

Host Integration Server 2010 will be available for customers as part of the BizTalk Server 2010 release on October 1, 2010.

The following are some links to additional information for the HIS 2010 release:

Host Integration Server 2010 Datasheet

BizTalk Server 2010 and HIS 2010 Evaluation versions are available by clicking here.

Host Integration Server 2010 Documentation – Installation Guide and Readme

HIS 2010 MSDN Documentation

The following is an overview of What’s New in HIS 2010 (click the link for more details):

Network Integration

  • IPv6 Transport for SNA Clients and Servers
  • Session Integrator Authentication and Data Encryption using TLS

Data Integration

  • DB2 and Host Files Enhanced Security using AES, SSL and TLS
  • DB2 Improved Connection Pooling
  • DB2 Large Object Data Types
  • DB2 Static SQL Package Bind Options
  • BizTalk Adapter for DB2 Multiple Table Update
  • Host Files Offline Writer
  • Host Files Developer Tools
  • DB2 Multi Row Input
  • DB2 Data Conversion

Application Integration (Transaction Integrator)

  • Authentication and Data Encryption using TLS
  • Enhanced HTTP Transport for CICS
  • BizTalk Adapter for Host Applications Dynamic Remote Environments (REs)
  • Transaction Integrator support for Edited Numerics
  • Improved Development Tools

Message Integration

  • WCF Channel for WebSphere MQ
  • BizTalk Pipeline Component for Host Data Conversion

The following are features that are no longer included with HIS 2010:

  • DLC network protocol and the DLC 802.2 link service
  • NetView Run Command (NVRunCmd) Service
  • ODBC Driver for DB2
  • Host File Transfer ActiveX Control
  • AS/400 Data Queues ActiveX Control
  • Message Queue to MQ Series Bridge (MSMQ Bridge)
  • Transaction Integrator (TI) support for COM libraries
  • Transaction Integrator support for .NET Remoting