Host Integration Server upgrade may fail if prerequisites cannot be downloaded and installed

We recently ran into a case where a customer was trying to upgrade from HIS 2004 to HIS 2009. The HIS 2009 setup process started and detected that HIS 2004 was installed. A dialog was displayed indicating that HIS 2004 would be uninstalled. After clicking OK, Setup continued and indicated that the .NET Framework and XML 6.0 pre-requisites were not installed.

The customer selected the automatic install option for the prerequisites and continued.

Within a few seconds, Setup came back to indicate that the update was successful in the UI. Once Setup returned this quickly, you just knew that the installation of HIS 2009 did not actually complete. 

The upgrade was not successful because the Setup program was not able to download and install the two prerequisites. The customer was using a WSUS (Windows Server Update Services) server to manage Windows updates. The .NET Framework and XML 6.0 packages were not available on the WSUS server so they couldn’t be installed.

The HIS setup log indicated that this was the problem as shown in the following excerpt:

[3:05:32 PM Info] No updates were found on the SUS server to download.
[3:05:40 PM Info] Required platform components: Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5 SP1,Microsoft XML 6.0 with Service Pack 1
[3:05:50 PM Error] c:\hisv8\private\setup\setup\common\setup\wizard\exe\progressdlg.cpp(1088): FAILED hr = 800401f3

The problem was that the underlying error was never returned via the interactive Setup user interface so that there was no indication that the installation failed or what the problem might have been.

Just something to be aware of if you are installing HIS when using a WSUS server to manage updates.