Go Big with the New Azure G-Series Virtual Machines

The new G-Series VM’s in Azure are big.. They provide a lot more memory and increased SSD storage than before.  They also employ the latest Intel Xeon E5 v3 family of processors for increased performance.

Here are the new G-Series VM sizes:

Size Cores RAM (GB) SSD Storage (GB) Persistent Data Disks (Max)
Standard_G1 2 28 412 4
Standard_G2 4 56 824 8
Standard_G3 8 112 1,649 16
Standard_G4 16 224 3,298 32
Standard_G5 32 448 6,596 64


If you want to play around with these in dev/test, go ahead.  But shut them down when you don’t need them to avoid overage charges!

For more information on all the available Azure VMs, go here.

Go big or go home!