Need your Zune Fixed? Great experience!

Zune (from the Zune.Net site)So I have one of the new Zunes - 8GB black one to be exact.  I bought it a few months ago.  About 3 weeks ago it just died.. dead in the water, no power, no button response, no reset/reboot, nothing.  Great, now what?  I decided to call the Zune support line to see if there was anything that could be done beside buying another one.

After answering a slew of questions (when did I buy it, where, did I drop it in water, etc.), I was actually told I could get it repaired or replaced by the Zune repair center.  Good news, but how long would this take?

I'm happy to report that it really didn't take that long at all!  I received a pre-paid FedEx box within a few days, put my dead Zune in and shipped it away, and just got it back this morning (it was a replacement).  Total time:  just over 2 weeks from the time I called support to the time I received a working Zune.

So if you run into the same problem I have, I highly recommend giving the support line a call.  Just make sure to register your Zune online first (they'll do it for you over the phone, but will take longer).

I've dealt with appliance repair and cable service that's slower than that.  Way to go, Zune guys!