Changing gears

You haven't heard from me in while and there is a reason. I moved from SQL Server's Storage Engine team to a new incubation team that is involved in exploring new directions in operating systems. This subject area has been always very fascinating for me as you easily might deduce from my previous posts. The new team is amazing. It is small but extremely talented. Chris is one of the lead architects on the team. (I imagine many of you know him from your CLR and SQLCLR experience)

It was sad for me to move out of SQL Server. I just love the team and product. However I couldn't let go such great opportunity :-). In the future expect my posts to become more operating system related - Yes I will try to continue blogging as I gain more knowledge and experience. At the same time please don't hesitate to ask questions about SQL Server, if I don't have answers I will forward them to people that do. To some of you I owe email replies. I am sorry for being slow in that regard but I will try to catch up in the next week or so.

By the way if you have passion in operating system area, consider yourself hard working and fun person, feel free to contact me, we might need you :-).

 Change is always good and I really enjoy it :-).

As usual if you have questions don't hesitate to ask.