Dots and Lines Game - Small Basic Featured Program

Today's featured program comes from Behnam Azizi:


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Here is an introduction to the game in his own words:


A Dots and Lines Game developed using Microsoft Small Basic. This time I didn't spend much time on the program, and it was done for learning purposes. So the program might not be free of bugs. For example a simple bug that it has is that you should click next to each line to draw the line (not exactly on the line), otherwise it won't draw a new line. 

This game can be played with a friend. The program does not automatically declare a winner, and scores can be changed manually by players (so watch out that your opponent doesn't cheat in the game!!!!)


Challenges that I had while developing this game:

I had to divide each square into 4 triangular sections. then based on where the user clicks on the screen the program finds out in which of the 4 triangular sections the user has clicked. To accomplish this the program finds the equations for lines that create those 4 triangles, and accordingly decides where to draw each line. Look at the Small Basic code for line equations.


It can be played online at: SNM509

Or downloaded from TechNet Gallery: TechNet Gallery



Like always don't expecpt to get a very amazing game. This was done by an intermediate programmer for learning purposes.





Thanks Behnam!

Does anyone have any questions or comments for Behnam? Have you tried this game?


   - Ninja Ed