Now available: Small Basic v0.6

We have a new version of Small Basic for download at  This release adds German localization on top of existing French, Spanish and Russian.

Also, this release sports a lot of small bug-fixes and some most requested features:

  1. Updated the manual to include a chapter on Arrays 
  2. Added Zoom capabilities to Shape
  3. Added Arc Trigonometric operations in the Math object
  4. Removed Arguments object and moved the functionality into Program object
  5. GetAllIndices operation on Array allows iteration on top of all array values
  6. Added ElapsedMilliseconds to help measure time
  7. Added TextInput events, to help write text input features on GraphicsWindow
  8. Fixed crashes related to event subscription
  9. Fixed cursor visibility issues

When you have downloaded and installed, import STARGATES and try out the fun game.