Small Basic Code Block Generator: How to format a Code Block

Today's guest blogger is Nonki Takahashi. You can find the latest version of this article here on TechNet Wiki.

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This article is especially for the Small Basic article writer on TechNet Wiki.  It explains the Code Block Generator v1.3
There is a menu icon of [Format Code Block] to generate code block in TechNet Wiki [EDIT] menu bar.

This [Format Code Block] tool shows following popup window.  But there is no option to select Small Basic programming language.

 So, we need another tool to generate a Small Basic code block.  The Small Basic program ID SKC235-1 is a tool for that.

Usage of this tool is almost the same as as the TechNet Wiki's [Format Code Block].  If you click the [OK] button, you will see the following window.

And copy this code block and paste with [PasteHTML] button into TechNet Wiki [EDIT] screen.  Then you get the following code block:

' Sample Program

For `` i `` = `` 1 `` To ``10

  ``TextWindow``.``Write``(`` i `` + ``" "``)




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You can find the most up-to-date version of this article here on TechNet Wiki.

Thanks to Nonki for this great article and for making the "Small Basic Code Block Generator" program! Nonki also provided the Japanese version of this article!

   - Tall Basic Ed