Small Basic - Controls and Challenges

Last and this month, controls challenges are going in the Challenge of the Month.  So today, I'd like to write about Controls.

Controls in Small Basic

There are three controls in Small Basic - button, text input box and multi-line text input box.  Following sample screen shots are from a program Dictionary 1.2b (ZRS542-0).


Text Input Box

Multi-Line Text Input Box

If this control has a long text, scroll bars appear like following screen shot.  Scroll bar is another control.

Controls Challenges

Other controls in Small Basic?  We can write code for them.  Here are many samples in Challenge of the Month.


This password control (LXM256) is published by Alexwarrington

This is another password control (CND797) by WhTurner33.

Fancy Button and Read Only Text Box

This is a fancy button sample (GGL988) by litdev.  And this program is also a sample for switching between read only and read/write text input box.  Great!

Rotary Control

This control (HZV539-0) is originally written by Pappa Lapub. I modified not to rotate image but to move red dot. Anyway, it's cool.  You need the rotary knob image for this program.


Read Only Text Box

This is very simple version of read only text box by NaochanON.

Msg``=``"This is read only"

box`` = ``Controls``.``AddTextBox``(``20``,``20``)


Msg2``=``"This is editable"

box2`` = ``Controls``.``AddTextBox``(``20``,``50``)




Sub ``onkeyup

  ``txt`` = ``Controls``.``GetTextBoxText``(``box``)

  `` If ``txt``<``>`` Msg `` Then

    ``GraphicsWindow``.``ShowMessage``(``"Sorry, This is Read Only"``,``"error"``)  





This another control (WZH765-0) is written by Jibba Jabba.

Combo Box

This program (KMG391-0) is written by Nonki Takahashi (me!).



This control (DST499) is published by OzJerry.

Scroll Bar

This program (XZB099) is written by Nonki Takahashi (again).


This selector (QMD177) is written by Jibba Jabba again.

Multi Feature Dialog Box

This program (SXD381-0) is written by Jibba Jabba also.

This program (BGF911-1) is also written by Jibba Jabba.  Wow!  Lot of works!


This control (WMK208-0) is written by Pappa Lapub also.

Other Controls

I wrote about the other controls in a TechNet Wiki article Small Basic: Controls.

  • Check Box (GZL896) - Check box control is an on/off switch.  Details are described in an article Small Basic: How to Make a Check Box.
  • Radio Button (SZW634) - Radio buttons are controls to select one from a group.
  • Color Slider (HWD964) - Slider control is to get a value from a range. 
  • Progress Bar (MBB966-0) - Progress bar shows percentage.
  • RGB Menu / Color Slider (NHJ269) by Athasak
  • Scroll Bar (ZDP541) by Athasak

Any other controls?  If you have, please introduce yours in the challenge.  Thanks.

Happy Controls!

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