Small Basic Featured Programs - Multi-Colored Spirals

In the June Challenges, LitDev included a great Graphics Challenge:

Graphics Challenge:

  • Draw a multi-coloured spiral


And the challenge began!

Coding Cat started us off on June 1st:

I love the graphics challenge. It turns out I wrote a double spiral program as one of my first forays into Small Basic. :-)

Import code: QSP181 Spiral01 Spiral02

The thickness of the line, and angle of the turns are chosen at random at the start of each spiral.

Next came a version from Pappa Lapub:

Another spiral, ID: WNV073 (However, LitDev's image looks better)


Then LitDev entered the fray:

Couldn't resist having a go, KCK850 .

This later reminded Mr. Monkeyboy of yarn and a slide ruler:

I did something similar with yarn and cardboard and elmers glue in the 7th grade. Won the art class art project "challenge". Back then a PC was an abacus or slide rule.

Slide rule image. I believe the Smithsonian Institution has some of these.

NaochanON joined the party:

Graphics Challenges

This is a Ferma's spiral  QSF666    

And all those contributions were on June 1st!

Then, on June 2nd, YLed contributed a spiral:

Beautiful !!!

could not resist... me too, so

i took the litdev spiral version and added some modifications:


But YLed was not done:

ANIMATED version, of a PULSE SPIRAL, litdev spiral modification 2

that's fun !!!


Next came Tryhest:

nice wrk nao))

a small update: infinite rotating hypnotic spiral: QSF666-0

and changing color version also: QSF666-1

NaochanON responded:

Tryhest   nice!

but I feel faint!!

Then YLed unleashed the rainbow:

now litdev KCK850 with a full rainbow colors:


Yled also returned with a Turtle-tastic version of a rainbow spiral:

the       R A I N B O W    S P I R A L

Here is MY version of the spiral challenge :  PROGRAM :  PND589

it's a very Small code,

with the Turtle: ( takes 1-2 minutes to draw )

And all that was on the second day of June! Next spiral was on June 11th...

Nonki Takahashi joined the spiral smackdown:

This is another rainbow spiral: BDX376.

Screen shot of a program Spiral 0.11

So there you go! That's a whole lot of June Spirals! And guess what! That was only part of the June challenges thread! Read the whole thing here:


Have a day! Not just any day... have a small and basic one!

- Ninja Ed