Small Basic gets more Spanish on TechNet Wiki!!!

Special thanks go out to Sandra who made a great run recently at translating and refining more of our Small Basic TechNet Wiki content into Spanish:

Here are the articles and the other translations...


Preguntas más frecuentes de Small Basic (es-ES)

Other Translations:


Características únicas del lenguaje de programación Small Basic (es-ES)

Originally written by Carlos and published by Nonki. Great edit pass from Sandra:

Other Translations:


Bienvenido a Small Basic (es-ES)

Originally published by Ed. New edit pass from Sandra:

Other Translations:


¿Por qué aprender Small Basic? (es-ES)

Originally written by Carlos and published by Ed. Great edit pass from Sandra:


So come check out our Small Basic Spanish content!

Small Basic is in your language!

In Your Language
20 Languages!!! How can anything be simple to learn if it's not in your language? And that's where Small Basic also shines! We're always looking to add more languages. We have 20 in the UI with another four being worked on and regular reviews and updates on the existing languages with each release! We already have more language options than most paid-for enterprise software out there today!
And beyond the UI, we seek to expand our languages in our Curriculum (19 languages), Getting Started Guide (21 languages), Reference Documentation, Wiki articles, books, videos, and social media! See Small Basic: International Resources.Direct Language Download - Starting in Small Basic 1.1, you can go directly to the Download Center  and pick your language! See Download Microsoft Small Basic.

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Jump on in! Small Basic is warm.

   - Ninja Ed