Small Basic Teachers and Educators - Join Our Network!!!


We've built a network for our computer science teachers!

We'd love to have you join us if...

  1. You teach Small Basic!
  2. You're a teacher who would like to learn more about teaching Small Basic! This includes Home School teachers!
  3. You build curriculum and content for people who teach Small Basic.... or you currently build content for other tools/languages and you'd consider writing content for people who teach Small Basic!
  4. You're a tutor, trainer, or camp leader who includes Small Basic (or are considering including Small Basic).


Please come join us!

Together, we will:

  1. Collaborate on curriculum, content for teaching, and tips for teaching Small Basic!
  2. Collect your feedback in a personal way. What works for teachers? What could be improved? Get on private previews!
  3. Troubleshoot any issues - We'll help you get started and get help from other Microsoft experts from groups and teams all across the company!
  4. Share with you what's happening with Small Basic in Education!


As mentioned in #3, we'll also get you connected with other Microsoft CS education teams. For another example, we have some great opportunities for connecting you with programs and tutoring for girls who want to learn engineering from professional women engineers and developers!


To get started with joining us, please complete this form:


Thanks in advance! We'd love to connect with you. Feel free to comment or ask questions below!


Small and Basically yours,

   - Ed