Top ten tips: How to use social media to win new business

Want to use social media for business? Don't know how? Have a look at these handy tips.

1. Actively seek out your customers through social media

Monitor social media activity and pick out trends. Twitter and LinkedIn are invaluable development tools when searching for new customers. It is also possible to see where you are losing customers as well as gaining new ones. By seeking out potential customers, it would be easier to face them at events or conferences without feeling too intrusive. Before email and phone, conversations were the way to go, but now sharing articles or interesting or useful stuff, quick conversations can be sparked up.

2. Listen and respond

Listen (to the words and the stats) and respond, as it is your first line of defence in a negative situation and the best way of building a relationship with positive commenters. Digital activity should be in a constant state of evolution, so never take anything for granted.

3. You shouldn’t jump on every platform

Don’t feel the need to jump on every possible platform. Business needs to be there for the right reason. Don’t broadcast as followers will get bored. Engage and interact, but only if you can.

4. Learn from others

Be a consumer. Speak to someone who knows how to do this stiff. Learn from companies and people that are interesting, and see what they are doing. Pay attention to feeds, how they reply and how they participate, and soon the useful engagement will come evident.

5. Even the most unlikely businesses can develop a social media presence

Be a storyteller. Everyone has a story to ell. Even the oddest and strangest subject can generate interest.

6. Using social media for SEO  

Search Engine Optimisation means getting on top of web browsers, and becoming the authority in your space. Add great content, build up and engage with social followers, and focus on what you do well and become an expert in your field.

7. Generate interest before heading down the advertising route

Use social media to generate buzz about products and services. Consumers are often fascinated with how companies work, and social networks is a great place to bring that alive and create decent followers. Ask questions that will provoke a reaction. Post funny pictures and stories – anything relevant that people will like to engage in.

8. Reach people with the right mind-set

Most people don’t generally run on 9 to 5, and to make people think about your products is often testing. Create cool things to do, whether that’s a video and a picture or a meme. Do something eye-catching and memorable.

9. Beware of turning a Twitter feed into a customer services site

Don’t leave social media sites like Twitter as a place for consumers to moan. Pick and choose your battles, leave complaints to email or by phone.

10. Use an on-site blog well to increase social traffic

A good blog will be clear and a set agenda. Use constrictively and have social sharing buttons everywhere. Add clear call to actions.


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Posted by Steven Woodgate