Prioritize Learning about LINQ

ILINQ on Channel9've had a few days off over the last week (I've recently become a dad).  During that time I have popped onto the PC a few times and caught up on some stuff.

One thing I'd not invested enough time in was LINQ - I was at the PDC when we announced this stuff and saw it in the keynote and went to Anders sessions - but to be honest I was a little lost in the Lamda expressions :)

Well I've stayed out of it for too long and I forgot just how AWESOME LINQ actually is - it's going to change the way people write code on our platform with a O/RM that we ship and fully support with tools.

ScottGu has a series of great posts on his blog with screen shots and step-by-step walk throughs to help put it all in context. 

Part 1: Introduction to LINQ to SQL

Part 2: Defining our Data Model Classes

Part 3: Querying our Database

Part 4: Updating your Database

If you write code get ready for a change in the way you work - for the better, language innovations like LINQ don't come along that often.  We have worked on this stuff many times before and always pulled it - LINQ is for real and we have a great ed to end scenario.

All I can say is take the time to learn LINQ every developer will want to know about it.

ScottGu came to our TechEd last year and has a great blog - here are the LINQ posts he has done - subscribe.

The Official LINQ project page on MSDN.

101 LINQ samples :)

Note to self: we need to get out there and talk more about this.