ConfigMgr 2007: The "Deployable to SMS 2003" property is not available for new available updates

Today's ConfigMgr 2007 tip comes from Buz Brodin, a top gun Senior Support Escalation Engineer who works out of our North Carolina office.  If you're running into issues deploying updates to SMS 2003 clients and the "Deployable to SMS 2003" property for new updates is set to No then check this out:


Issue: The Deployable to SMS 2003 property for new updates is set to No. As a result, these updates are not able to be advertised to SMS 2003 clients.

Cause: Each software update contains the Deployable to SMS 2003 property, and when the Configuration Manager Inventory Tool for Microsoft Updates has synchronized, the setting is set to Yes for synchronized updates. If the ITMU Sync tool didn’t run, didn't run successfully, or didn't run against the latest downloaded file after you have run a synchronization between SCCM2007 and the WSUS server, then the new updates in SCCM 2007 will not show deployable to SMS 2003.

Resolution: To resolve or troubleshoot this issue, first verify you have the latest file located in Microsoft Updates Inventory Tool\PkgSource\

Next see when was the last time the legacy sync ran by searching the wsussmgr.log for these entries:

Performing legacy sync

Started with command line: D:\SMS\bin\i386\updatewuscatalog.exe CATALOG=D:\Microsoft Updates Inventory Tool\PkgSource\ TYPE=Microsoft Update SERVER=HOUSMSP001 SITE=Z01 PACKAGE=Z010012E MAXAGE=0 ADDLOC=* PROPERTYLOC=en EULALOC=en VERBOSE=2

Processing security catalog D:\Microsoft Updates Inventory Tool\PkgSource\ ...

Remember that the sync has to have occurred sometime after the new updates show up in SCCM via WSUS Server Sync.

The legacy sync will be triggered when the modified time of ITMU.SYN stored under inboxes\ is bigger than the LastITMUSyncTime. LastITMUSyncTime is stored under HKLC\Software\Microsoft\SMS\Components\SMS_WSUS_SYNC_MANAGER.

To force a legacy sync simply create an empty file called itmu.syn in the inboxes\

If everything seems to be working but Deployable to SMS 2003 is still set to No, verify the digital signature timestamp on the latest available file. If you have Proxy Caching enabled then it's possible that you keep downloading the old cab every time.

The latest file can be downloaded from here:


Thanks Buz!

J.C. Hornbeck | Manageability Knowledge Engineer