SMS2003 Hierarchy Capacity Planner and Hardware Sizer

This tool is designed to assist SMS consultants and customers in the selection of a suitable SMS hierarchy design, as well as suggest likely hardware upon which to management the infrastructure.

It is based on analysis performed by Kerry Lebel and myself during the SMS2003 development/ship cycle. This analysis included documenting network usage of both clients and servers in addition to measuring server performance for Primary Sites, Management Points, SLPs and Distribution Points.

From this analysis I developed hierarchy design rules, usage patterns and hardware site suggestions. Muki Murthy and I, (primarily Muki) then developed the functionality that has become the tool.

This tool is now in Beta testing and I have updated it to include the following, since the demonstartion at MMS in March 2004.

Better recommendations for Top and Mid-tier sites

SP1 network analysis data usage

User selectable site configuration

Single page output of entire hierarchy hardware suggested (based on User's selected site configurations)

Based on the feedback I have received, I intend to ship a public version of this tool at the end of this month (May 2004). This date may change depending on the feedback i receive and how many changes i need to make :)

Means of distribution are still to be determined.