30 Days to Launch: Got the call from the MSPE

Ok, you sign up for the 30 days to launch, you get the emails that hopefully you are paying attention to.  Then you get the phone call.  Don’t hang up if you hear this introduction:

Hi I am <Name of caller> of Microsoft Solution Partner Experts calling on behalf of Microsoft.

DON’T HANG UP!  This is a real offer for free design consultation on your app.  Seriously.  No kidding!

To be prepared for this call make sure to READ the 30 days to launch emails.  The person from Microsoft Solution Partner Experts will ask you a few questions, which are around these areas:

  • You will ask, about state of app, benefits of the program and set-up consultation.
  • Tips and Tricks email
  • Phone call is a follow up my signing up at 30 days to launch, and it is definitely the most useful call I have gotten in quite a while
  • There will be a click to chat link but it was up when I used the site, but I reported it
  • Email: 30TOLAUNCH@microsoft.com (not an email I deal with)
  • For instance I need Design Consultation on my graphic artists, but they will likely only point to websites

Don’t be like this guy, get started with your App design.  He just realized that he is going to lose easy money