Data Structures class using Windows 8 Modern UI design

In many schools there is a move to consolidate the two data structures classes into one, so what should a department do with the remaining class.  Well, I guess the General Ed folks might want to steal that spot for another class that doesn’t do a good job of preparing the student.  Or maybe the spot will go to a Senior Design class, and that would be good.  On the other hand there are some other spots that could fill that class that has been reduced.  For instance a class that implements design, on the Modern UI design with C++ and user interfaces with a little cloud computing thrown in.

Here is what it might look like (and I am just making this up, but you know that if you are a regular reader, in which case thank you):

Class objective:

At the conclusion of this class the student will be able to demonstrate User Interface design using C++ that can operate either connected or disconnected with cloud based computing.

In this class the professor would lead the students through structured learning to combine user interface design that incorporated C++ with cloud computation when required and client based computing when economical.  The software design will incorporate Modern UI design, with standard feedback for the user touch, device rotation, as well as onboard sensors and ports.  Further the software design would introduce the concept of cost of computing in the cloud versus on the client and then how to inform the user which types of computing is being accomplished. 

The class will use game design as the goals of the design, although students will be encouraged to follow their own design arc.

Now that we got that out of the way, what would the curriculum look like and how would you get started.  I think that this would be an interesting class for 2 or third year students.