Dennis Ritchie, creator of C programming language, passes away

Wow, I remember wearing out a few of the K&R books, and for the old people like me you know what I mean.  Although I was much more of a BASIC programmer, as much of my work early on was in test systems and BASIC was used a lot on those machines.  I did do my time with the C Language.

Funny these days, 70 seems young, especially at my age.  Dennis Ritchie made a big impact on the way computers were designed, and certainly increased the employment of the semi-colon.

I never met him, but his work is one of the books that is never thrown away, or at least not till the pages were well worn, and another took it’s place.

K&R is still on my shelf, and I am able to easily go over to it and open it to page 6, and see some of the first code that many programmers write.


Finally: A simple good bye:

        #include <stdio.h>
                printf(“goodbye, dmr\n”);