Free guide describing the Microsoft SQL Azure Database

  • Holey Moley, which database thingie do I use in the Azure universe of awesome tools and systems? Well that is your decision to make, but let’s say you want to use SQL Azure Database because big fat flat tables give you heartburn late at night as you wait for Facebook to fail. Let’s face it, Facebook is not going to fail, even if it is based on a big fat flat table. 

Anyway, you have decided to change to the SQL Azure Database format, your boss needs you to expand your storage and doesn’t want to buy the hardware. The company you work for needs to keep overhead in the non-ownership kind of thing, it is leasing it’s offices, cars for the sales people, trucks for the workers, and so forth. So there is no room for owning servers and definitely not any more money for the servers to take up space in the office building. And your boss has told you to not be paranoid about the consequences of storing structure data on someone else’s servers.

You know there is a lot to be paranoid about, what if Microsoft increases the costs? What if they don’t provide the service level you need? Well I don’t have any answers for those questions, although they are fair. Keep in mind my job is to get you to sign up for the 30 Day FREE Azure try out. I don’t have to get you to buy anything. It isn’t my job.

Mary Jo Foley, over at eWeek, keeping a critical eye on Microsoft is suppose to be doing this. However, Mary Jo Foley has not written about Azure cloud since 2009. Does this mean that all is well with Azure? I think so. 

Ok, enough of the blah blah, zoom over to the links below:

Azure SQL Overivew

Azure Virtual Lab (This lab looks different, almost like it is a video, it isn’t, click on the “screen” to get started):

Excellent article by Lynn Langit on SQL Azure Cloud


You all come back now!