Free Power Tools for Team Foundation Server

Apologies if you hit here looking for a free drill motor or saw, this is for Software Architects! If you are doing software architecture and are using TFS, AND you haven’t hit this URL, you are definitely missing out.

Download this set of power tools from:

It is only for TFS.

Bear in mind that software architects need to use things like code profiling, checking for best practices, etc..

The best practices analyzer is a new item for the power tools:

Microsoft Team Foundation Server 2010 Best Practices Analyzer

  • Verify that the deployment for Team Foundation Server is configured according to recommended best practices
  • Identify the source of problems in an unhealthy deployment.
  • Take a snapshot of the configuration of a deployment.
  • Obtain usage data about the volume of data stored or accessed in the past 14 days. Includes specific information about database tables that have a tendency to grow and that may need to be reduced in size.