Free Sharepoint Server?! Free? No way!

We all need to save money, sometimes we look at Drupal and it’s complications so it might be “free” but really if I have to pay for a consultant to make it work, it isn’t really free.  What about the easy to use Sharepoint server, if it is free, there are so many tools to use to make it work for you!

Well guess what: Sharepoint Foundation is FREE, as in NO COST!  As long as your Windows Server is up to date and paid for, then you can load Sharepoint server on it and set up your fellow employees to use the awesome tools in Sharepoint for collaboration, etc.

What else can you do with your free Sharepoint site?  You can create quick and cheap Windows Phone 7 apps that incorporate Windows Phone 7 Word and Excel, without high priced consultants.  This is totally cool.