Fundamentals of Desktop Development

You might be thinking that sometimes this blog gets a little complicated and you need to get up to speed on desktop development, maybe to get ready for Windows V-Next or to get a promotion, whatever.

Since I don’t like to write about consistent things, well actually I would like to, but every time I do my numbers drop so I will let others do the long term writing.

For the fundamentals of Desktop Development you can start here:

You might be thinking, I just got a 4 year degree and can’t find a job.  Well knowing software development can be a big help during interviews.

For instance if you took a degree in Psychology, Liberal Arts, etc.  you likely had some classes on statistics.  Make sure you can use Excel with some of these statistic problems as most companies are not going to pay for the tools the school provided as part of your education.  If you are under employed, then spending a few coins on a community college class would be a good idea.

However, with a little discipline you can get started in programming using the link above.  Let me know if you are having any success.

Also head over to Randy Guthrie’s excellent blog: (and yes that is an underscore).