Getting prepared for the next thing

Let’s say that you might be interested in preparing for the next big deal. 

Here is what I am doing to prepare for the future:

  • HTML 5 looks really cool, and I think that knowing HTML 5 is a good idea for anyone's career
  • Silverlight, get prepared for the future by preparing for the Silverlight exam 70-506
  • XAML, if you haven’t learned how to XAML, well you are just out of it, no just kidding, Silverlight and XAML are very similar so learning one will help you with the other.  Learn XAML on the Windows 7 client using Windows Presentation Foundation
    • Exam 70-511:
      • Use the O’Reilly book:
        • Exam 70-511: TS: Microsoft Windows Applications
          Development with Microsoft .NET Framework 4
      • There are some codes out there (and I can’t give them out) on the web that give you up to a 40% discount, find them
  • If you are a student, you can free training through Puralsight via
  • Get some product into the Windows Marketplace
  • Buy a Windows Phone, especially when Nokia starts rolling out their new product
  • Make sure you can design secure code, many people cannot
  • Play around with Webmatrix
  • Sign up immediate for the Azure cloud account and do some personal research on it.