LightSwitch: why get started using LightSwitch?


Getting Started

With LightSwitch, using your data has never been easier.  Yeah right.  Working with data and analyzing it outside of Excel is hard, who are the people that make tools like this kidding?  But let’s say that the company you work for has just hired a young MBA, or you are that young MBA that the company has just hired.  As an older worker your management might view you as a liability because you don’t get modern data analysis.  As a new MBA hire you need this job to pay off the student loans that you took out, but you haven’t a clue how your corporation uses data.  Do you know if they are on the cloud, and which cloud?  Azure, Amazon, Google, VMWare, or Sales Force Automation?

So both of you have a serious problem and you both dislike each other.  The young person thinks that the older person should <<FILL YOUR OPINION HERE DEAR READER>>, and the older worker feels that the younger worker is a <<FILL IN YOUR OPINION HERE DEAR READER>>.

Well the good news in this economy is that you both have access to LightSwitch!  Now get over yourselves and work together, keep in mind management is the problem here, not you the workers (unless you are a manager reading this then you aren’t the problem, I just said that because it sounded good in my head, and especially if you are my manager, hi Joe! You are the best).

So if you haven’t used a Visual Studio Product before, then LightSwitch is a good one to start with, although Web Matrix is a good starter tool as well.

Software Architects, Designers and Developers have to learn lots of new products and skills all of the time to be productive/competitive.  Other workers may not have have as much time to learn as Software types.  If you fit into this scenario, then here is what you need to do to learn more about software and data analysis:

If you are a software professional:

To be prepared for your customers asking for LightSwitch to be installed on your network, you can see the LightSwitch Overview