Team Foundation SERVICES, not server

Oh thank you demi-gods of program management, Team Foundation Server being offered as a SERVICE!  If I was the type of theologically driven individual to sing praises to some non-descript timeless and universal entity or entities I would do so at this time.  I have always loved the concept behind TF SERVER (not services) but the installation was nearly impossible and a big time suck, at least with my attention deficit developer mindset, where instant Expresso take too long.

But NOW I can get TF SERVICES up and running in under five minutes, now that is my kind of version control, management of software and so forth.  Absolutely amazing.

Swing over and take a look at the TF Services at the URL:


I will be using this as my core for this blog over the next few months or till I see another shining object, whichever comes first.

Oh good I have a picture from:

But this configuration seems like it might cause a headache.  Oh well.