Are you Agile?

Agile Manifesto

I’ve been learning more and more about Agile software development lately.  I am thinking that you (my .NET developer reader) might benefit too.

If you live in the OC – attend the local Agile Developer UG in Irvine – here’s the link.  I had fun and learned at the interactive presentation there this evening entitled “Is It Time to Ditch Your Product Backlog? Using Story Maps to Visualize Product Vision”.   I worked with two Scrum Masters to create a Story Map around a given backlog.  This was the same presentation that the presenter had given at the recent national Agile conference (Agile 2010).  After learning a bit about this technique, Llewellyn and I have decided to apply it to our own backlog of work for our own “Teaching Kids Programming” project backlog!

There is also an Agile UG that meets monthly in San Diego – here.

Also on Sept 13 and 14 at UCI there will be a two-day unConference (BarCamp format) ‘Agile Open Southern California’ –more information here.

Are you Agile?  Do you use Agile practices at work?  Which ones? What tools are you using to support those practices? Drop me a note via this blog to tell me your story.